Frame it with your Sony Bravia

Sony’s just unleashed a new set of high–end Bravias for you to slaver over this afternoon.The spanking new W4000 series comes with all the

The spanking new W4000 series comes with all the usual gubbins – three HDMIs, 1080p, 24fps support, freeview tuners and a cable tuner for HD.

What’s really caught our eye though is the Picture Frame mode, letting you check out preinstalled snaps or ones you’ve shoved onto USB.

Best of all, you can set the boobtube up to reduce brightness and check out your holiday snaps (or just you battered down the local), while it’s switched off.

So, if a top-notch picture frame that also spits out hi–def TV is your thang, this Bravia’s for you.


Sony Bravia W4000

Price: £TBA

On sale: TBA

Contact: Sony