Forum frenzy: has iPhone OS 3.1 screwed up your iPhone's battery life?

Upgrading your iPhone's software to iPhone OS 3.1 gets you lots of whizzy features and bug fixes but it seems it can also mess up the battery life. Us

Users on the Apple support forums are complaining in their droves of broken battery life indicators and seriously reduced battery life. hasn't avoided the battery bug either. News Editor Mic Wright's first generation iPhone is now terminally confused, requiring a restart to show an accurate battery life reading.

Other iPhone owners have reported a range of similar frustrations with iPhone OS 3.1 including random lock ups and the phone shutting down (tastefully dubbed "iPhone coma").

Jump in to the forum now and tell us about your experiences with iPhone OS 3.1. Has it sent your iPhone in to a hell of poor battery life or are you still experiencing tranquil times in touch town?