Flutter for Mac plays and pauses music with hand gestures

Download this free app to get Kinect-style gesture controls on your Mac, kind of

We like Kinect. We like apps. And we like free. So when we got wind of Flutter, the free Mac app that steals some of Kinect's gesture-based superpowers, we got a bit high-pitched and giggly. It manages to squeeze gesture controls into software that works with your built-in web cam. Did we already say it's free?

Downloading the app (now in private alpha) takes two seconds and once it's sitting pretty in your Applications, you'll notice a new black box in the right hand corner of your screen. Boot up iTunes, Spotify or even open up a video on YouTube and the box will come over all colourful and automatically turn your web cam on. From that point, just hold your hand up to pause the track or video and then hold it up again when you want to resume.

This simple gesture control is about it for Flutter at the moment but look forward to Flutter rolling out mute, volume up/down and skipping controls in the very near future. We had a few hiccups with the camera recognising our hands but for an early version of a free app it's got bags of potential.

If the instructions sound too much for you to wrap your head around, watch the quick video below.

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