Flip Ultra HD leaked in US

Pure Digital's Flip Mino HD caused major ripples in the gadget pond earlier this year, and now it seems the younger sibling in the Flip family, the Ul

The Flip Ultra HD is so far unannounced by Pure Digital, but a blogger on gaming website Gax Online has posted pictures of one he picked up in a US Best Buy store.

The gadget hounds at Engadget have sniffed out a few specs so we know what to expect from the pocket cam, and it seems HDMI output, doubled recording time to 120 minutes and support for AA batteries (as well as an included rechargeable battery) are on the menu.

Pricing is being banded around the $200 mark, which would see the Ultra come in just underneath the Flip Mino HD on cost as we'd expect.

We'll keep you updated, but be sure to check out what we thought of the Flip Mino HD and see what the Ultra has to live up to.