Flip to get Wifi support next year

Fans of the Flip range of pocket-sized cams are soon to be released from the bonds of wireless uploading, with news the company is planning to add Wi-

Things previously had been so much simpler. You bought a Flip Mino. You pointed. You shot. You uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo et al.

But competition from the likes of the video-trained iPod Nano and Wifi enabled phones and digicams have meant Flip has been put under pressure to keep up with the Joneses.

Now, Pocket-lint is reporting that Flip-toting vidcasters, pranksters and citizen journos will be uploading over the air in no time, with news that Cisco – the company behind Flip – has confirmed it will be adding Wifi to the range in the first half of next year.

That means video can be available for public viewing on your blog or YouTube before you even get home.

But is it too little too late? With phones and digital cameras boasting decent quality video from pocket sized devices and Wi-Fi becoming more ubiquitous, is there still a market for dedicated point-and-shoot camcorders? Let us know what you think below.