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Five future smartwatches that will be fighting to grace our wrists

Smartwatches are the gadget du jour – we take a look at five likely candidates that could be wrapped around your wrist soon...

Apple iWatch

Apple’s long-rumoured iWatch apparently has a team of 100 designers frantically working away deep in the bowels of its Cupertino headquarters. Reportedly led by Sir Jony Ive himself, the iWatch is expected to arrive running a ‘lite’ version of iOS – expect to see email and messaging notifications, with potential GPS directions to boot. We could even see a partnership with Nike, which already has its Nike+ features built into the iPod Nano.

Samsung Galaxy Altius

Samsung’s mystery wrist-hugger will reportedly pack a custom AltiusOS instead of an Android offering, though we presume it will still be able to connect to your phone to display messages. Whispers suggest it’ll have a 500×500 1.5in screen and will make use of live tiles to display information in real time.

Google watch

A Google watch would be the perfect companion to Google Glass. The Big G could use Motorola’s wisdom from the ACTV smartwatch to enhance and refine it to create the ultimate Android smartwatch that can link to Google Glass. Google Navigation arrows on your wrist and Google Now weather info on your wrist? We like the sound of that.

Sony Xperia SmartWatch

Sony’s existing SmartWatch can already connect to your Android phone to display messages and missed calls. You can also download apps to let you control music, check GPS data and even turn it into a wrist-mounted calculator. If version 2 could run all Android apps natively with Xperia Z-like waterproof skills, then all the better.

Pebble 2

The original Pebble won us over with its clear E-paper display which laughs in the face of bright sunlight. A second-generation version would benefit from a bigger battery and a sharper, touch-sensitive screen – and if we could make a suggestion, interchangeable coloured shells would be handy. We have to coordinate with our carefully-selected wardrobe, after all.

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