Five of the best commuter bags

It's budget day. But unless you're the chancellor, you might find one of these red briefcase alternatives a better sidekick for the trip to work

Victorinox Deluxe Briefcase with Security Fast Pass


Working abroad? Stick it to the airport security man with this Victorinox hand-luggage that lets you leave your laptop in-bag during the X-ray. It doesn’t guarantee the power-hungry body-searchers won’t try and make you remove it anyway, but it’s a start.

Setgo Transport Urban


Remember wearing your rucksack across the chest to look cool on the way to school? Rhyming and fashion statements aside, you were onto a winner. Setgo has strategically designed this slim line bag to give quick access to your mobile, camera, music player and anything else you can fit in the front pockets.

Orca Waterproof Backpack


Calm down, environmental folk. The Orca isn't made of killer whale. It is, however, waterproof. Because the sunshine won't last forever.

Crumpler Good Booy


With a removable laptop sleeve, Crumpler's Good Boy is the Russian doll of bags. Thankfully, it manages this without looking like a fat woman wearing six inches of make-up. Result.

Knomo Kobe


Kobe beef makes the world's most luxurious steak, so it figures that Knomo's bag namesake should protect your 15in laptop with quilted storage. There are pockets for your PDA, mobile and keys, though we're sorry to report that it's made from lightweight recyclable materials, not fancy cow.


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