Fitbit app now out on Android

The Android faithful can join their iPhone-toting brethren in counting calories and logging exercise at long last

Fitbit users rocking an iOS device have been calorie counting and logging their exercise stats with the iOS Fitbit app since last October while Android health enthusiasts could only look over in jealousy – until now.

Fitbit has released a free Android app to supplement its little health tracking device, allowing users to count how many calories they've burned, how much exercise they've done and how much damage is inflicted by spontaneous pub lunches.

Sadly however there's still no app support for viewing your sleeping data, meaning you'll still have to use the Fitbit website and a PC to upload sleep stats.

Still, it's a free step in the right direction and should hopefully encourage Android-carrying Fitbit owners to push themselves a little harder and stop them from being tempted by decadent lunchtime snacks.

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