Fishspace: build your own Lego-decorated fishtank

Fund this Kickstarter project and give your guppies a different custom-designed environment every day

As a design, the humble fishtank hasn’t really evolved that much over the years – but a new Kickstarter project is out to change that.

Fishspace is a two-gallon plastic tank compatible with Lego, allowing you to decorate – and easily re-decorate it – both inside and out. There are places to stick bricks on the inside and beneath the tank, as well as around the rim, so you can decorate the exterior as easily as the sub-aqua parts.

Build your own Lego Atlantis

We imagine (OK, we know) that this is aimed at kids, but darned if it doesn’t make us want to dig our dusty old box of assorted plastic bricks from the attic. And, y'know, buy some goldfish too.

The makers are seeking CA$15,000 in funding from Kickstarter, and with 31 days to go at the time of writing they’ve managed $1,635 so far. Pledge CA$60 (£37) or more and (assuming they reach their target) you can have your own Fishspace sent to any address in the UK. Deliveries are expected for January 2014.

[Via Kickstarter]