First Wi-Fi internet radio

Gagging for internet radio, but don't want it from the PC in your dingy spare room? Slot Acoustic Energy's Wi-Fi radio into your wireless network and you'll be able to pick up the latest rapso from Jamaica FM in your garden shed.

It was only a matter of time before internet radio, with its exceptionally cool spectrum of worldwide stations and access to extra content, was freed from the distinctly uncool practice of listening to it on your PC. What is mildly surprising, though, is that West-Londoners Acoustic Energy have finally become the first company to serve up a Wi-Fi based solution.

Still, the Wi-Fi radio looks to be a winner. Out in November, it hooks up to your network to provide access to 99% of worldwide stations, which you select using the rotary control knob and LCD. It also acts as a Squeezebox-style audio streamer for MP3, WMA or Real Audio files, and has a clock and alarm function, allowing you to briefly fool your groggy brain that you're on holiday by tuning into the Caribbean's finest.

All you need is £200, a broadband connection and a wireless network. For more info check out the official site official site