First-time buyer pays for house using Pingit app

Tap once for the home of your dreams, assuming your dreams involve living in Mitcham
House bought using mobile app

Proof, if any were needed, has arrived that we're living in the future - for the first time, a housebuyer has paid the deposit on their new home using an app.

The app in question is Barclays Pingit, and the house in question is this rather fetching little end-of-terrace in the south London suburb of Mitcham. In a scene that could have come straight out of an Isaac Asimov space opera, if Asimov had set his novels in the more depressing areas of Zone 4, the buyer simply opened Pingit, scanned a QR code and boinked over a whopping £23,000 deposit. Ker-ching!

oh, it's just for auctions

Sadly it's not quite that simple - you can't just go wandering around Worcester Park or Penge with your phone, snapping up dream homes, unless those homes are being sold by property auctioneers Savills. A partnership between Barclays and Savills means customers can use Pingit for very large sums, but for all other transactions you'll have to rely on the more arduous process of going online, phoning up the bank or faxing a CHAPS payment, which sounds delightfully posh but is entirely mundane in real life. 

Still, it does show the increasing extent to which people are paying with their phones - over £350 million has been spent so far using Pingit alone, with bazillions more being splurged through services like PayPal and Google Wallet. 

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