First SNES game in a decade announced

Dust off your Super Nintendo! Nightmare Busters will be released next year

Yes, you read that right – there's a new game coming out for the 20-year-old Super Nintendo console. SNES fans will be delighted to hear that Nightmare Busters, developed by retro gaming company Super Fighter Team, is available to pre-order now.

Nightmare Busters, which can be played on PAL or NTSC systems, has been described as a "masterful run and gun game" by its developers.

Retro gaming geeks will love the game's SNES-style packaging. The cartridge comes in a classic card box with a full-colour instruction manual.

However, gamers who remember the original SNES titles may be surprised by the price. With international shipping, Nightmare Busters will set you back $75.

But if you loved the original console, this might be the last chance you get to play a brand new SNES game. Or if you fancy gaming on the go, you could plug it into a Supaboy portable SNES.

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