First set of apps optimised for new iPad 3's retina display roll out

Kindle, Evernote and other apps begin to jump on the hi-res bandwagon

The Amazon Kindle app is one of the first iOS apps to be updated to make use of the new Apple iPad 3's retina display, cultofmac reports. Fonts on the new Kindle app should be razor sharp and a joy to behold on the new iPad's 9.7in display.

Other apps which have got the hi-res update treatment include Evernote, Vimeo and Weather Pro, all of which will take advantage of all of those glorious extra pixels the new iPad 3's retina display has to offer.

Here's to hoping that this initial trickle of updates will turn into a full blown torrent of high resolution apps in the very near future. Our eyes are already drooling with anticipation...

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