First official picture of the Samsung Galaxy S4 emerges

It looks a lot like the Galaxy S3, but Samsung’s Twitter teaser claims this shadowy smartphone will be #TheNextBigThing

If it really is all about how you make the entrance, a picture of Samsung’s latest hardware looming in the halflight is a subtle start for the sultry South Korean Galaxy S4 smartphone.

The good news is that Sammy’s irritating video teaser kid, Jeremy, is nowhere to be seen (and thank God for that) but with two days to go until the official launch, it looks for all the world as though we might be heading towards an S3 lookalike for Samsung’s next premium smartphone.

Samsung’s US Twitter feed spilled the snap overnight, showing what could be the hardware for the first time. If it is, expect the S4 to retain the S3’s curvy polycarbonate shell. In fact, these leaked pics could be right on the money.

That hardly chimes with Esat's go-metal-or-go-home mantra for 2013’s top-end handsets, and bodes poorly for those hoping the S4 can keep stride with the design of HTC’s beautiful aluminium-shelled One. While we wait to find out, see what else we’re hoping to see in the Samsung Galaxy S4 and check out our Samsung Galaxy S4 news round-up.

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