First impressions of iPhone software 2.1

So the new iPhone software is available. After 20 minutes it's clear that, while it's hardly earth shattering, it's packed with welcome bug fixes...AD


Now loads in under a second – the lag has gone. This for both the page loading, and for any search – it finds results in milliseconds rather than seconds (no more choking on the first key press). 10/10.


Hey – new icons! And they’re better – simple / clean. As for the actual reception – no change to poor reception within the building (same blind spots). But it seems to change modes far quicker: if it loses 3G, it quietly shifts to GPRS. Before, you would stare at a ‘no service’ message for 3 minutes, when you knew damn well that that spot had reception (sometimes, the only way to cure it was to power off / on). No more... Apparently. 7/10


Ran update, got three meeting requests that had been ‘somewhere’ for weeks. So something has definitely changed. Mail all good – snappy to send / receive. But to be honest, it was always the reception issues that were the bugbear, not the actual Mail program. 8/10


I has them! And they’ve got that nasty atom symbol. My iPhone and iTunes 8 are now as one. Actually, all that seems to have happened is the addition of the symbols; I could sync a Genius playlist before 2.1 – it just showed up as a playlist. But the Genius here is that you can do these auto-playlists on the fly. Not bad. 8/10


No idea – only 20 mins in. Guess I count myself as a heavy user, and I was getting to 20% charge on arriving home in the evening – so a day’s use. That was with Location and Wi-Fi off. N/A


My phone briefly showed a ‘Your iPhone has been activated’ message after the install. Not quite sure why, and it appears to mean nothing – everything apparently works.


Just started sync, and switched to this screen to continue writing for 10 seconds. Switched back, and the entire sync process was done. Thank Christ On A Bike – the 4-hour sync is gone... I hope. 10/10