First Impressions: Civilization Revolution (iPhone)

Civilization, arguably finest PC game of all time, has just arrived on the  iPhone.While most turn-based strategy games have gone the way of the

While most turn-based strategy games have gone the way of the dodo,  the appeal of turning a tiny tribe into a superpower remains undiminished. It's just the ticket for anyone who thought they would enjoy Sim City but found it too directionless.

As with earlier versions of Civilization Revolution, the iPhone take on the game is a kind of Civilization Lite that exchanges the more intricate details of the PC/Mac games to offer a purer, more direct take on the game.

But while the consoles versions of Civilization Revolution were great, the idea of an iPhone version seemed less convincing. There's a lot of menus to fiddle around with and a lot of  keep track of on the iPhone's small screen.

Luckily the game's designers have delivered a game worthy of the Civilization name and, beyond the more basic visuals, few of the features of the other Civilization Revolution games have been lost in translation. And the inclusion of a decent in-game tutorial also means you don't need to be a Civilization veteran to enjoy it. Perfect for some on-the-move powermongering.

But there are some small gripes. Moving your military units around the map is slightly fiddly although the turn-based nature of the game means this isn't too much of sticking point. More problematic are the numerous comments on iTunes about how the game crashing regularly. While these crashes haven't affected me so far, there's too many people pointing this out to think these crashes are rare.

Interestingly the crashes, while unwelcome, haven't put off most players and many seem to think the quality of the game is such that such annoyances can be brushed off. It seems when it comes to a great game, even regular crashes aren't enough to undermine the overall experience.