First colour panorama of Martian surface is released

Didn't quite manage to hitch a ride to Mars? No matter, these colour photos should satiate your... Curiosity

NASA's Curiosity Rover has unpacked, overcome its jet lag and has started off its long working vacation in style, with a mind blowing 360 degree colour panorama of the Martian surface.

Resembling the Qatari desert of our humble Earth, the barren and rocky Martian plain trails off into the distance towards Mount Sharp at the centre of the Galer Crater – Curiosity's final destination.

As for the grey patch on the ground above Curiosity's wheel? That's the mark left by the descent stage's rocket engines blasting the ground.

Sure, it might not be as glamorous or as colourful as the life-packed rainforests and savannahs of our blue and green planet , but the fact that we're staring at the surface of freaking Mars while sitting at our desks is rather awe-inspiring, we think you'll agree.

Curiosity's not shy either, as its self-portrait above demonstrates. Although only two of the stitched photo panels are in full resolution (they haven't all made it back to Earth yet) it shows that even the most advanced robots aren't averse to a Facebook profile shot or two.

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[via NASA]

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