Firefox Mobile lands on Nokia N810

Firefox Mobile has been in the offing for what feels like years. But if you're a business type and happen to be packing a Nokia N810, then you're in l

Dubbed Fennec, Firefox Mobile can be grabbed now and given a whirl. It's still in its early beta stages, but you can give feedback and even encourage developers to start working on add–ons for the phone–based version.

Nokia Conversations also has more deets on what we can expect, with a smart bar just like the full–on edition and plenty of room for web pages with a lack of intrusive extras. Any tools you need can be grabbed by swiping left or right on the touchscreen.

There is also a special gesture control add–on, which will let you draw and x to close a page or an outline of a house to go to your home page. Clever stuff.

We're desperate to see it land on other devices later this year. The question is, will Apple ever allow Fennec to take a bow on the iPhone? Here's hoping.