Firefox Fennec mobile browser to launch before year end

Following a soft launch at the beginning of the year on HTC's Touch Pro, Firefox's first mobile web browser is reportedly days away from full launch,

The browser called Fennec, is currently going through its final testing stages and is expected to be released for Nokia's N900 before the end of the year.

Other phones will follow in 2010, although as we could've guessed, it could be some time before iPhone users get their mitts on it.

Jay Sullivan from Mozilla told the BBC: "Apple is very restrictive. It doesn't allow other browsers," he said. "As it's a pretty closed platform we don't see that happening soon."

The good news for those able to access it though, is that the mobile browser will be able to sync with the desktop version.

This will mean if you have a window open on you desktop browser, it will load automatically when you launch the mobile one.

Sullivan said: "At the end of the working day you can walk away from your computer and keep on going on your phone.

"It encrypts all of the information and sends it back through the cloud between your desktop and mobile."

The mobile browser will also adopt a popular feature of the full browser with Firefox add-ons – although Sullivan says they will be mobile specific.

Once ready, N900 users will be able to download the browser from the Mozilla website or via the Nokia Ovi Store, with Mozilla saying versions for both WinMo and Android are on the way.

Do you think Fennec can hold its own against the almighty Opera mobile browser? Let us know below.