Firefox 8 beta brings Twitter search

As Firefox ramps up its frequency of build releases you can expect Twitter integration and tab controls already

If you’ve just downloaded the brand new Firefox 7 and aren’t chuffed with the changes, fear not for 8 is on its way with a beta out today. Genius rhyming aside, Firefox 8 beta is an exciting release as it will be the first time Twitter is integrated into the browser as a search option. We can expect updated treats every six weeks now, as a result of Mozilla’s new more regularly updated releases. Another nice update in Firefox beta 8 means, upon restarting the browser, it only loads the active tabs with others accessible when needed.

This is all part of the speedier browser goal, which is the reason Mozilla is working on a version for Android that uses native software rather than their current XUL tech. That means incompatibility with add-ons but a faster browser. Your choice when it arrives. For now you can check out the Firefox 8 beta download here.


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