Firefox 7 promises faster performance

It's significantly faster and doesn't hog as much memory – it's time to upgrade to Firefox 7

Just six weeks after Firefox 6's official outing, Firefox 7 has stolen its limelight, confirming Mozilla's rapid release schedule to upgrade its popular browser every six weeks. Once downloaded, you can look forward to much faster performance, a lower likelihood of crashing and thanks to a project called MemShrink – which reduces the browser's impact on your machine – better memory management. According to Mozilla, this reduces memory use by 20 to 50 percent.

Heavy internet users can rejoice in the knowledge that opening multiple tabs, visiting graphic or memory heavy websites and days and days of internet use won't slow down your web travels. In addition to its rapid improvements, a new version of the hardware-accelerated Canvas speeds up HTML5 animations and games, allowing developers to create more compelling and interactive web content. On top of that Firefox 7 launches with 99 percent compatibility with version 6.

Version 7 also offers up what Mozilla is calling Telemetry – which basically translates into performance feedback – that will allow your browser to report back to Mozilla HQ on how Firefox works for you, in the areas of memory use, CPU core count and startup speed. If you don't want to sign up, you can switch this feature off.

It's available to download now for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. so what are you waiting for?


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