FIFA pips Final Fantasy to the post as the best video game series of all time

Looks like the magic of Rooney and Ronaldo has held its own against ridiculously large swords and wacky Japanese haircuts

It’s a sign of changing times when a videogame sports franchise is voted more popular than all-time legendary classics like Zelda or Super Mario Brothers, but a recent poll has indeed revealed FIFA to be the best video game series of all time – at least according to the 1,862 gamers who participated.

The poll was carried out by Playr2, a site dedicated to gamers looking to buy, sell or trade games at the best possible prices, with the aim of settling a never-ending, eons-old debate. Check out the results below, and share with us your own personal halls of pixelated fame.

1) FIFA – 72% (selected the game as one of the best series of all time) 

2) Final Fantasy  - 67%

3) Super Mario Brothers – 61%

4) Sonic the Hedgehog- 55%

5) Zelda – 51%

6) Resident Evil – 49%

7) Call of Duty- 41%

8) Grand Theft Auto- 38%

9) Tomb Raider- 37%

10) Tony Hawk Pro Skater- 25%


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