Fat Thumb technology solves one-handed smartphone woes

Don't let that cup of coffee stop you from pinching-to-zoom. Let your thumb do all the work and shave seconds off your precious time

If you're regularly trying to juggle Google Maps in one hand and bags of shopping/gadgets/kittens in the other then fear not, for University of Calgary researchers have come to your aid with their Fat Thumb software.

While a normal touch from your thumb tip behaves as normal, pressing more of your thumb against the surface of your smart phone translates sliding movements into pinch-to-zoom commands.

An answer to the ultimate first world problem? Perhaps, but as screen sizes continue to increase, so too do the number of smashed displays as a result of desperate one-handed claw gestures.

Check out the video below – we're hoping that Fat Thumb will graduate from its testing phase and make its way into our smartphones in the not too distant future.

[University of Calgary via Engadget]

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