Fast Facts – PSN: the resurrection

The PlayStation Network rises from the ashes with a thousand apologies and free games for all

Let’s recap

What started off as a maintenance announcement turned out to be a devious theft of personal information and forced Sony to pull the plug on its online gaming service. PlayStation gamers had to endure a harrowing month without online play.

It’s back like Arnie

Sony stirred PSN from its month long slumber to the joy of COD fraggers everywhere. Well, not everywhere – Japan is still on enforced MMO cold turkey and there are reports of blackouts as the servers try to proess 100 million mandatory password resets.

With pressies

We demand cake. That’s the rules if you’ve made a boo-boo. Sony’s digital offering is better than a slab of chocolate-iced apology though. Its Welcome Back consolation pack offers two free games (including LittleBigPlanet) or 30 days of free PlayStation Plus services for PSP gamers.

Now what?

Apart from picking up your controller and head-shotting a month’s worth of frustrations away? Log in, change your password (you’ll have to) and get back to normal. Might be an idea to glance through your bank statements for the next couple of months, rather than binning them in their sealed envelopes.

History repeating

Hackers used Amazon’s web servers to steal personal information from 100 million PSN accounts. That’s one of the largest data security breaches in history. Scary, but it should mean the gates are double-locked and bolted from now on. We hope other services who’ve left cracks in their security will take note as well.