Fast Facts – Lenovo ThinkPad X1

We bring you all you need to know about the trimmest ThinkPad yet, hot on the heels of last night’s UK launch event

Lenovo took the wraps off its thinnest Thinkpad yet at an event last night. Here's a bite-size guide to its many, Macbook Air-bothering joys: 

Slimming regime

It may not be able to slice through cakes as well as the MacBook Air, but the X1 is only 0.65in at its thinnest point which should satisfy the ‘envelope case’ brigade.

Light as a feather

Well, maybe a couple of feathers, but there’s no denying that at only 1.7kg even the weakest RSI-ravaged wrist should have no problem picking it up off the table.


Like the X100 before it, the X1 has a spill-proof keyboard to soak up the inevitable liquid-based misadventures of butter-fingered bloggers. Backlighting is a bonus.

Scratch-proof display

The 13.3in glossy screen has slightly disappointing resolution of 1366 x 768 but is compensated by being fashioned out of the mighty Gorilla glass (a la the iPhone 4).

Intel’s latest

Sandy Bridge processors will be powering the X1, ranging from a 2.1Ghz i3 to a 2.7Ghz i7. Coupled with up to 8GB RAM, the X1 will happily eat spread sheets for breakfast.


The X1 puts business before pleasure – this is no gaming beast. Having said that, the integrated Intel HD 3000 graphics should meet work and video needs with no stuttering or complaints.

Well connected

A mini display-port, HDMI and Intel’s Wi-Di technology should happily cover all display requirements. A USB 2.0/eSATA combo, USB 3.0 and a covered SIM slot nicely tick the rest of the boxes.

Road Warrior

The X1’s battery’s party trick is its ability to reach 80 per cent charge in just 30 minutes. There’s also an external battery available which can boost productivity for up to 10 extra hours.