Fast Facts – LA Noire

LA Noire goes on sale in Europe today. These factoids should whet your appetite

LA Noire takes place over eight square miles of an accurately-recreated 1947 Los Angeles. Team Bondi used over 180,000 photos in their research.


The game’s recreation of 1947 Los Angeles features a load of real-life landmarks like the Roosevelt Hotel, LA Public Library and the La Brea Tar Pits.

It was the first video game to be shown at New York’s chin-stroking Tribeca Film Festival.

There are over 20 hours of voice acting – from a 2,000-page script.

Think protagonist Cole Phelps looks familiar? That’s because he’s played by Aaron Staton, best known as Ken Cosgrove in Mad Men.

Why do the in-game characters look so lifelike? Well, all the real-life actors were recorded by 32 cameras simultaneously, capturing their facial expressions in incredible detail.

Real-life gangster Mickey Cohen plays a major part in the game – you might remember him from the movie LA Confidential.

There are 22 cases to solve in the game, plus “side quests”.

LA Noire is made by the team responsible for 2002’s Brit gangster GTA-a-like The Getaway. You muppet.

There are 15 weapons in the game, from humble fists to the powerful Chicago Piano machine gun (although some are only available as DLC or pre-order bonus content).

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