Fallout 3 downloadable content axed due to "glitches"

"The Pitt", the latest piece of Fallout 3 downloadable content, has been pulled off Xbox Live after only a couple of days. The reason: hella

The DLC sends Fallout 3 players to a post-apocalyptic version of Pittsburgh. But rather than bloodthirsty raiders and hideously mutated creatures providing the scares, it's been a series of massive bugs and graphical oddities that have seen Fallout 3ers running for the nuclear bunkers.

Over at the official forums of Fallout 3 developers Besthesda, users have listed some of the worst offenders: areas rendered totally inaccessible, quests made unfinishable and points where the game simply freezes up completely. Oh, and there are also loads of floating red exclamation marks everywhere.

The culprit seems to be some form of corruption in the English language version of The Pitt, and in order to fix it Bethesda has decided to pull the file off Xbox Live altogether to stop anyone else from downloading it. It'll be replaced when the developers have fixed it.