Facebook wants us to check in to TV shows

Instead of whining in unison about telly on Twitter, you can now do it on Facebook

Facebook doesn’t have hashtags and we think it might be a bit jealous. If most of your tweets contain the words "topgear" or "masterchef" then this is for you.

Facebook wants to bring together the people “screaming in unison” about big TV shows in their statuses by encouraging TV channels to create events around episodes.

As of yesterday, we can now check into events on Facebook Places and according to Christian Hernandez Gallardo, Facebook’s head of business development, each episode in a TV series should be treated as its own event. He’s also excited about the possibility of viewers using Facebook Credits to pay to vote in reality TV shows.

Let’s just pray that the inevitable Glee statuses don’t wreck our mini feeds. Then again, it might actually encourage us to leave the house.


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