Facebook users can now announce that they're organ donors

That life saving announcement from Mark Zuckerberg this morning? It was about organ donation

Last night there was a lot of hubbub on the web about a life-saving tool that Mark Zuckerberg was to announce today. Now Zuck's revealed his big idea – to enable people to publicly announce that they're donating organs, or planning to do so.

Wearing his social engineering hat, Zuckerberg reckons that Facebook will be able to encourage people to become organ donors – by providing people with a platform to share their reasons for doing so. It’s a really nice idea and refreshing to see a powerful company doing something purely for good.

The option is available for Facebook users in the UK and US now – so to declare that you're a donor, add a new life event to your Facebook Timeline then select the Organ Donor option from the Health & Wellness section.

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