Facebook ups its security and adds Google+ style sharing

Facebook mimics Google+ and ensures drunken photo tagging is a thing of the past

Facebook is far from perfect, but as time goes on Zuckerberg and his crew have introduced the odd tweak here and there to refine our social networking experience and put a stop to those Facebook gripes. Changes are afoot again. This time they're concerned with tagging and select sharing a la Google+ Circles.

When Google+ showed up, flaunting its Circles feature, many a Facebook user looked on, green with envy. Good news – Facebook will soon be equipped with the ability to share posts with select groups using a new drop-down menu system. This means we can finally afford to be a bit more careless in terms of posting content, without worrying what the boss/parents/colleagues will think. It may not be an original idea, but it's certainly a much welcomed one.

There are also plans to tighten security in the realm of tagging. No one wants to be the victim of unflattering photo/video tagging, and now you won't have to be thanks to a new Pending Posts feature. Each time someone tags you in a photo, video or post, you get to stamp it with your approval or rejection and decide whether it makes it onto your wall. Better still, rather than just un-tagging yourself, anything you don't approve can be removed upon request.

Facebook users can look forward to the changes being rolled out over the course of the next few days.


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