Facebook upgrades its facial recognition tech for better tagging

Facebook has just bought a facial recognition company for a rumoured $60m – just so you don’t have to tag

Facebook has just bought for a rumoured US$60m – so you don’t have to type quite so much when tagging your photos.

Facebook's planning to use's facial recognition tech to tag snaps quicker. Facebook has already added its own facial recognition tagging system to the site – but it wasn’t met with a lot of love, largely because it was set to share your information by default. The addition of's tech should help Facebook's advances into the mobile sphere, along with the recently purchased Instagram and its new stand-alone Camera app.

But do you really want Facebook to recognise you better, given its history of open information sharing policies? With over 300 million photos uploaded daily, it could save some time – but is it worth your privacy?

[via Telegraph]

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