Facebook set to send Spotify a friend request?

Remember when we told you about INQ and 3 head-honcho Li Ka-Shing snaffling up a stake in Spotify last week? Well, Li Ka-Shing is also a major investo

And it also seems Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg loves Spotify as much as we do with a status update on his personal Facebook page declaring: "Spotify is so good."

But will is this anything more than just a fanboy crush from Facebook's geek-in-chief? We don't think so and neither do the rumour mongers at Techcrunch.

Facebook's favourite music service used to be iLike but it was acquired by the social network's nemesis MySpace. Spotify hasn't launched in the US yet and a tie-up with Facebook (and it's vast financial resources) could be the idea vehicle to do that.

Meanwhile Spotify is set to make significant revenues for the UK music industry, according to sources quoted in The Telegraph. In Sweden, it's now overtaken iTunes in terms of earnings. Could that win be another nail in the coffin for the Spotify iPhone app?

What do you think: should Facebook and Spotify friend each other or is Zuckerberg just poking around for ideas?

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