Facebook rolls out reply-by-email feature

Facebook has officially rolled out its reply-by-email feature to all members, after trialling it with a number of members last month.When you receive

When you receive an email notification about comments (you’ll need them turned on for it to work, of course), you can just click "Reply" and start typing a comment at the top of the email.

Once you click send, your comment will be posted automatically, without you having to visit the site or even log in.

This will work for comments made on posts you’ve created, and those of others you’ve commented on, including status updates, photos, videos and wall posts.

Of course, this is good news for those people who can’t access Facebook at work, but rather an interesting choice for Facebook itself, as it will no doubt cut down the all important page impressions that bring in the advertising revenue.

What do you think – will you be making use of the new feature? Let us know below.