Facebook rolls out new privacy controls

Facebook has begun rolling out its enhanced privacy settings, that'll allow users to have more control over what they put out in the public and who to

The aim is to make privacy options simpler, as the site reckons that only 15-20% of its users have ever adjusted them from the default.

From now on, users will be able to select a privacy setting every time they post content on to the website, choosing whether "friends", "friends of friends", "some friends" or "only me" can view it.

Also when you next log in, you'll be presented with the "transition tool" giving the option to review your current settings, keep them as they are or go ahead with Facebook's recommendations.

Facebook has been ramping up its privacy features as late, including the scrapping of localised networks, such as those surrounding schools and companies.

What do you think to Facebook's new privacy features, are they worth the fuss? Check out the new Privacy Centre for more details and let us know below.