Facebook Messenger for Windows launches

Fancy a chat? Facebook’s new Messenger for Windows desktop app means you’ll soon be gabbling with your mates sans browser

We can’t deny that Facebook Messenger is a handy way to keep up with friends we don’t see much of. But if opening your browser and directing it to Facebook just seems like too much bother, Facebook Messenger for Windows is about to remove your favourite excuse for not keeping in touch.

Facebook is rolling out its Messenger app for Windows desktops now and is planning a Mac addition in the future, though when hasn’t yet been specified.

There’s no video chat or group functionality, but if you were thinking of leaving the world’s biggest social network, having Facebook Messenger for Windows at your beck and call might just be the reason you don’t pull the plug. If that’s the case, don’t forget to follow Stuff on Facebook. We might just hit you up for a chat.

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