Facebook Messenger app unveiled

BBM, Google Hang Outs and iMessage better squeeze up, there’s another social networking app coming

Facebook Messenger hopes to take over the social networking world but it’s going to have a fight on its far reaching hands. The app due to land on iOS and Android devices combines MSN Messenger with Facebook to put all your contacts in one place.

Like the online version of Facebook Messenger all your messages will be aggregated in one place – texts, emails, chats and IMs. Messages can be sent to Facebook contacts and phone book contacts from one place that will be delivered via alerts or text messages as required.

9to5Mac has also found code in the app that suggests future use of video chat. With BBM, Google Plus, iMessage, and WhatsApp all competing for ultimate integrated messaging, Facebook messenger – just released in the US – better hurry to the UK soon or it might just miss the party.


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