Facebook launches Spotify streaming and social news apps

If you don't like sharing with others, it's time to batten down the online hatches

Now that the initial shock of seeing how our profile will look in the new Facebook Timeline has passed, we can stop being so self-centred and have a look at Facebook's news and music announcements. First up, get ready for a Facebook and Spotify love-in as we'll soon be able to stream music from within the social network, declare our audio activities to the world and listen to what our friends are listening to. And it's not just the Swedish lot either as online music video site Vevo will also be available inside Facebook plus Hulu and Netflix movie and TV tie-ins were also announced.

Phew. Okay, so everyone wants to be friends with Facebook. And that goes for the serious world of news too. The Guardian announced its new app for accessing content within Facebook at the f8 conference and the media partner list also now includes papers like The Washington Post and The Mirror. And we'll bet it won't be long until publications start to feel left out. As with the entertainment features, you will be able to see what your friends are reading in the right hand side ticker.

The Timeline should be shaking up profile pages in the next few weeks but keep your eyes peeled for rumoured 'Read', 'Watch' and 'Listen' buttons to keep the 'Like' button company.


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