Facebook to launch official iPad app on 4th October alongside iPhone 5?

Is Zuckerberg finally about to give the green light for a Facebook iPad app?

Word on the web suggests Zuckerberg and his Facebook gang are about to drop the official Facebook app for the iPad. Yep, according to those trusty bloggers over at Mashable, the app will go official at the much-hyped Apple event on 4th October, alongside the highly anticipated launch of the iPhone 5, and hopefully the iPhone 4S or 4G.

Back in March, those intrepid web surfers over at TechCrunch unearthed the code for the long-awaited Facebook iPad app in the update to the iPhone app and were able to get it up and running on a jailbroken iPad, suggesting it was almost ready for its official unveiling. Since then, it's been sitting in limbo just waiting to be prodded by the masses on Apple's super slate. Looks like the wait is almost over.


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