Facebook kicks off vote on new terms

When the powers that be at Facebook decided in February to change the site's privacy terms without so much of a sniff of notification, the whole commu

Despite a short period of trying to defend the new terms, the big cheeses finally waved the white flag and reverted back to the old Terms of Service while they worked it all out.

Now they've come back, having taken suggestions from users and experts on board, with a new draft of the TOS. It's now up to us – the users – to look over, and ultimately vote on which we want to govern our social networking lives. What a democratic bunch we are.

The only slight problem with it all that I can see is that for our vote to even matter, 30% of all active Facebook users will have to put in their two pennies on which TOS they'd prefer. Just in case you were wondering, Facebook has recently announced it's surpassed 200 million active users, so we're looking for nearly 70 million of them to log on and chip in for our vote to count for anything.

Considering the difficulties many countries, including our own, have in getting people to vote for the next prime minister or president, getting that many people to log on and read wordy documents – let alone care about it – is a big feat to say the least.

Still, users have until midday PDT (7pm our time) on 23 April to get their vote logged. Apparently the new version was winning over the old one 3 to 1 within hours of the poll going up, so it's got to be worth a look.

If you're a Facebook user, make sure you log on to place your vote, and let us know what you think to the new terms below.