Facebook for iPad found hiding in an iPhone app

It lives, but Facebook’s tablet app isn’t being very social. Yet

Facebook’s just updated its iPhone app. It’s a tiny, insignificant bump to the software, barely worth mentioning. Except that it contains an Easter egg so large, it could have been laid by a historically anachronistic diplodocus. In English: hidden in the iPhone app code is the long-awaited Facebook iPad app.

Winners of this software-based Easter egg hunt are the folks at TechCrunch, who unearthed the tablet-friendly programming and found they were able to get it up and running on a jailbroken iPad with ease.

The site’s early reports suggest the app is almost ready for a proper release, meaning we could be rocking Facebook on our tablets in a matter of days. It’s been a while in the offing – could it be that Facebook has realised Google Plus isn’t just an idle threat now it’s got an iOS app of its own?


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