Facebook friends are worth 18 cents each

An American social network marketing company is offering to sell you Facebook friends for 18 cents (about 11p) a head.  uSocial promises that

uSocial promises that "every single person we gain for you will be real users and exactly relevant to what you are looking for." Er, except if you're looking for genuine friendship, that is. uSocial is actually aiming its services at businesses looking to capitalise on viral, word of mouth advertising.

It reckons that "every Facebook fan or friend you have is generally worth $1 to you per month" - which probably undervalues most of your real-life friends, except perhaps those who insisting on sharing the results of every single 'Which superhero/newspaper/day of the week would you be?' quiz they take.

If you do feel your social circle needs refreshing, buying the friends is easy enough - you just send uSocial your Facebook ID and payment. But you'd better be seriously lonely. The minimum friend purchase is 1000 mates (for $177), and the company will happily max out your Facebook account with 5000 friends at the discount rate of $655 (or about 8p each).