Facebook earns 75p per quarter from each of its 900m users

As it nears the 1bn user mark, Facebook has released how much you've made the social network in ad revenue this year

Facebook now has 901 million active users – 1 in every 8 people on the planet – but in documents needed for that massive $72bn IPO, numbers have been crunched that make it look like individually we don't exactly rake in the cash for Zuck and co.

Yes we make Facebook tons of money from advertising and buying virtual goods in those silly games but at just 75p (US$1.21) a quarter each, you might start to feel like less like Mark Zuckerberg's plaything. Even if Facebook's targeted ad revenue grows this year, we'd still be surprised if the overall figure per user made it past the £5 mark.

Either way, Facebook is going for volume – a year ago its monthly active users stood at just 680m so look out for the 1bn user milestone being smashed in the next few months especially if its Instagram buy-out does more good than harm. That's if the 525m of you who check the site every day can tear your eyes away from its blue and white social goodness.

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