Facebook confirms Twitter–style overhaul

Just as expected, Facebook has completely overhauled its privacy settings, ushering in a new, Twitter–like system of public sharing. That means

As we reported yesterday, you can now choose "public sharing", as part of your privacy settings. This now means you can become a fan of someone, just like following, so you can see all their status updates and whatever they choose to share.

Choosing how much (or how little), you want to offer up, is easier than ever too, with a new simple settings page. This ranges from handing over info just as you do on Twitter, to customising and making sure any muppets you've added from school can't see your inner musings.

Facey–B even says it has plans to make public information available on search engines too. Speaking to TechCrunch, they said they were, "Trying to manage the digital tension between sharing and privacy. People should be as open or closed as they want to be. We think we can accommodate that."

Regional networks are also out, now that Facebook is more than just a way for US college kids to arrange beer busts and hang at the frat house. Top brass say they had become confusing and size varied wildly.

40,000 US punters are trialling the new system, with a slow, but total rollout beginning in just three weeks.

Can these changes help Facebook become as relevant as Twitter? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.