Facebook beds down with iOS 6

Thought you could live without Facebook. Once it’s dug its claws into your iPhone, you might have to reappraise that notion

Facebook haters are about to hate Facebook even more, but for the one in seven people on the planet statistically using the world’s biggest social network, it just got a little harder to leave. Apple has baked Facebook support deep into its forthcoming iOS 6, coming to iPhones and iPads later in the year.

The mobile integration will allow you to sign in once, then post from the Notification Centre, Siri or any of Apple’s Facebook-enabled apps, like Photos, Safari or Maps.

Your Facebook mates will automatically appear in your contacts (and will automatically update when they change), plus events and birthdays will be scheduled automagically in your calendar.

Too much? We can see how never having an excuse to miss a girlfriend’s birthday could be irksome, and a friend purge is definitely on the cards if we’re going to overload our address books, but we suspect the combined pull of a slick new iOS and a decent (for once) Facebook implementation on a mobile will prove too much to resist.

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