Facebook App Center launches in the UK with SongPop, Pinterest and Spotify

A month after it hit the States, Facebook's App Store rival hits our shores for a web and mobile takeover

If you've been straying from the comfy confines of Facebook for other corners of the web, Mark Zuckerberg wants to lure you back to his infinite blue and white pages with his very own Facebook App Center. 

Americans have been browsing web and mobile apps via the Facebook App Center for a while now (a month to be exact) but now we in the UK can join in with categories including games, entertainment, news, photo & video and sports.

Top trending apps include stalwarts like image aggregator Pinterest, Draw Something competitor SongPop and Facebook classic Farmville.

With web and mobile options and incoming paid apps, Facebook clearly wants a slice of Apple's lucrative App Store action – but it remains to be seen whether we'll be happy to conduct our entire digital lives within one site. If you want to give Zuck a stab at world domination, head over to the App Center now.

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