eye3 hexacopter wants to make your DSLR airborne

Get your DSLR to the chopper take aerial photography to a whole new level, no flying license required

If you thought the HD camera-toting AR Drone 2.0 was awesome, feast your eyes on this bad boy, spotted by Engadget. Dubbed the eye3 hexacopter, this flying contraption is essentially a six-armed carbon fibre R/C flying contraption intent on making your DSLR airborne for a bit of aerial photography action.

This incredibly cool project is the brainchild of a couple with a hankering for robotics and aerial photography. Their flying drone is modular for easy repair and it uses a combination of Google Maps and open-source code for navigation.

If you fear your flying skills are too inept to control something of this magnitude and expect your precious DSLR to come crashing into the ground, you'll be pleased to know the eye3 uses APM2 software for a "compact yet powerful" autopilot experience. And talking of powerful, the hexacopter can handle between five to 10 pounds of camera equipment, boasts three CPUS and a 350w motor is strapped to each arm. The bonus of the extra tentacles means you'll still be able to make a safe landing if two of the motors decide to fail.

It's as awesome as it is expensive with the base model starting at US$1000. Still, if your pockets are deep enough you can head over to Kickstarter now and make a pledge to help finance the hexacopter's journey to mass production and lower prices for the rest of us.

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