Evidence mounts for smaller iPhone 5 dock connector

Watch out iAccessory hoarders – the next iPhone might not play nice with your existing docks and chargers

Bad news for Apple accessory hoarders – the iPhone 5 looks like it will be packing a newer, smaller 19-pin dock connector instead of the current 30-pin offering found in existing iDevices.

This isn't the first time we've heard such speculation out of the iRumour mill, and these latest whisperings come courtesy of TechCrunch, who have been given a heads-up from three different accessory manufacturers.

Could this be a dastardly ploy by Apple to make users buy more iAccessories and adapters? Or will there be a new magical functionality gained with the new dock connector? Looks like we'll just have to hold tight and see...

[TechCrunch, via The Verge]

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