European phone owners slow on the Android uptake

Despite what would appear to be an industry-wide support for Google's Android OS, consumers in Europe have been slow to catch on to the new platform,

Although the market share of smartphones running Android was boosted from 4.2% to 5.4% between July and September this year, Android has apparently been a tough sell to the average consumer who don't understand what Android is.

"Consumers steer clear of Google's OS and sell-out is below everyone's expectations", said IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo in a statement.

"Consumers recognize the Google brand, but still do not understand what Android is."

The slow uptake has been put down to the lack of devices but it's hoped a turnaround will begin when more handsets hit the market.

This hasn't been the first swipe at the wonder OS in recent times either. Mobile game manufacturer Gameloft said last month that it, and other manufacturers, were pulling back investment in games and apps on the platform.

It put Android's "weak" app store at the front of its reasoning, saying it was difficult to make any money on the Android Marketplace compared to Apple's App Store.

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Via: Reuters