England World Cup qualifier to be shown online only

For the first time in the history of UK football, England's World Cup qualifying match will only be available to watch on the internet, or if you fanc

The UK rights to the match had been sold to Setanta by the Ukrainian Football Federation, but after the TV firm went under, its been appointed to digital sport specialist Perform to stream the match over the internet.

It seems the cost of the match, considering England have already qualified, was too much for any of the traditional broadcasters to pick up.

A very good quality stream has been promised, and numbers are to be capped at 1 million to ensure the service doesn't get overloaded.

If you sign up before midnight on Wednesday, you'll get the game for £4.99. When you know the price goes up to £9.99 on Thursday and Friday, and £11.99 on the Saturday, getting in there early is a good idea.

Of course if internet viewing isn't for you, Odeon has also jumped up to host the game at 11 of its venues around the country, including the flagship cinema in Leicester Square.

Pay by PayPal on the Ukraine vs Englund mini website, or grab your popcorn and head over to the Odeon website to see whether your local cinema is showing the game – let us know which you'll be doing below.

Via: BBC