Energica is Italy’s first electric street superbike

Those artists over at CRP Racing have come up with a prototype worth way more than its weight in drool

Electric motorbikes are all the rage at the moment, and CRP Racing is throwing its hat in the ring with the Energica. CRP has been on the electric superbike racing circuit for a few years now, but the Energica is the company's first street-going electric superbike. The Energica's £12,800 price tag is pretty scary, but we could just about scrape together the pennies for it (after selling everything else we own) by its 2013 release

But will it be fast? Yes. Very. This sexy-looking beast, developed from CRP's years of experience on the race track, has a top speed of 140mph and a range of 95 miles. That should be plenty, with all the charging stations that'll be dotting the highways by 2013. The Energica also packs LED lights and an energy efficient LCD milti-function dashboard display, all charged by the same batteries that propel the 100kW permanent magnet synchronous motor.

Want one? The deposit – which is refundable if you change your mind – is £1,300 and there are a host of government incentives for going electric. Once mass-production of the Energica kicks off, you’ll be the first rider humming along the roads like someone from the future – that's one childhood dream realised.

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